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Photographic Journey Image n Words

Photographic Journey Imgae n Words

The beauty of art is the ability to express ourselves at the same time evoking emotions and stories from the people that view our work. With Image n Words, photographs are included that are meant to spark not only your interest, but a story, emotion or memory from you. Whether the images bring you joy, sadness or remind you of something special or important, they are meant to capture you in the moment. As different as we all are, we find that we share common interests, thoughts and emotions that can be brought together through art. Image n Words is meant to capture the beauty of the world and the love, happiness and pain that can be found all around us. These images may be interpreted differently, but what you see and feel from each picture is encouraged and appreciated.



Chill Mood Voyager

Chill Mood Voyager

Whenever you close your eyes, there’s always some place that takes you away from the world. Whether it is a faraway land, another planet, a magical paradise or even the beat of your favorite song, it brings you peace, happiness and a new excitement of the unknown that’s fostered by our imagination. You find comfort in knowing that it allows you to escape reality, even if it’s only temporary. Life gets very chaotic, so any chance to get away from it all brings you a sense of relief and moments of joy, relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Effusion How Could I

Effusion How Could I (single)