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effusion - The Sun Will Shine Again CD and MP3 Download effusion downtown single cd and mp3 download Effusion - How I Feel. CD, MP3 Download. Effusion - Love (single) MP3 Download
The Sun Will Shine Again Downtown (single) How I Feel Love (single)
Effusion - Mystery. CD, MP3 Download. Effusion - Impulse. CD, MP3 Download. Effusion - Blue Illusions. CD, MP3 Download.
Mystery Impulse Blue Illusions


Music Connection magazine 2003
For his fourth album, How I Feel, solo artist EFFUSION’s breathy vocals and dark, sensual tracks (sprinkled with a fair amount of synths) reminds us of Depeche Mode. … We do like this artist’s voice … Film/TV folks looking for music a la mode will want to give this a taste.

AIM magazine 2002
The two young men behind Effusion… who with their third release cultivate a sound innovative as it is easy to listen to. It’s not a “feel good” album but it is an album to feel good to. Effusion is Pop music. but not necessarily today’s Pop. Somehow it seems unaffected by today’s generally oversexed and musically bankrupt industry commodities. This synth and guitar duo (which never really sounds like only two men) is the inevitable resurfacing of musical contributions from 80′s Pop mainstay such as Depeche Mode and The Pet Shop Boys. Pink Floyd seems to creep in there too but the general feeling is of love and anguish, with strands from today’s drum and bass as well. The grainy feel given to the guitar and the synthesizer mixes in the company of intense piano and flavorful bass to which the deep. distant. echoing vocals of the duo add a unifying pall.

Music Connection magazine 2000
… tranquil AC-type pop with lots of exotic world music flavor. The production quality (always key to this kind of music) is crystal clear and captures the exotic vibe very well. Musicianship is impressive, rendering vocals and lyrics virtually unnecessary. We preferred “Fallen Angel,” which opens with a spacey David Gilmore-type guitar intro before giving way to a passionate sax passage. This is the kind of music that will not rock your world just make it a more soothing place to live.

This album must be without any doubt one of the best music ive ever listened to, Effusion music filled with sensual sounds of classical guitar, haunting vocals that nourishes its soul within, masterful heart felting passion where flute melodies call of the north wind shined in my heart like butterfly that how much i missed my longtime home, this album is like dream its one journey of man on the boat traveling after thousands years of darkness to claim his right, to hold his dearest people in his arms, to save and hold the sun once again! This is a must have album, its like light -phanos in times of need, talented musician in this band, your music is gift god gave you, where he blesses you more days yet to come where you could hold the sun again k~ ~journey lies within.

Effusion is brilliant. I am very, very impressed and highly recommend checking out the audio samples as well as the rest of the Abet Music scene. Much love from the PStarR family circle!!! Rating 10.

Haunting lyrics and music. Touching. Impulse Pop/electronic sound with great lyrics. Love stories of the then bleeding into the now. Very atmospheric. Listen to it with lights out.

Hello, I just wanted to express my love for your music. It’s Gods blessing.

Alina Barsegyan
I can’t stop listening to “Fallen Angel” from the “Impulse” album. The lyrics just blow me away!!!

Tigran Sarkissian
Keep up the good work guys, I just heard that the new CD is comming out…to tell you the truth I’m very excited……another month or two of non stop music of effusion in my car….thanks…I greatly appreciate it.

Kim Wilson
Don’t know if you get a lot of fan mail but, keep up the good work.

Harout Kalandjian
You guy’s rock, I love your style, don’t ever give it up…

Shushan Karapetian
You guys are awesome!!!! I have been telling everyone I know about you and everyone has joined me in becoming great fans.

Tigran Sarkissian
All I wanted to say is that our generation should listen more to this kind of music, music that tell life and situations in life and especially when our fellow Armenians are producing this music. Keep up the good work!

Lena Abrahamian
I got to see you guys perform last night! You guys were awesome! I had seats in the second row in the center…what more could I ask for!! I purchased your music video last night and it had all the songs I liked! And the ending with you two talking about the group, gave some good info about your music. As always keep me posted and keep the music going! Take care, God bless!

I truly enjoyed seeing you at the concert last night. I am quite impressed. You guys sounded great!!!!! Good Luck with future performances and keep up the hard work! All my Love

Jon Wes
I just stumbled upon you guys while browsing CDbaby and I am impressed! Your music sounds like I want my music to sound like once I find the proper collaborator for my lyrics. Great stuff. I’m a huge Dido/Radiohead/Coldplay/Travis/Starsailor/Elbow/South/Sarah Mclachlan/Heather Nova fan sort of guy. And you’ve really achieved something from what I’ve heard. Just wanted to say that. I’m planning on buying the album come pay day.

Gina Demirchyan
My friend Alina… introduced me to your music. I have passed on this website to many more of my friends. It is truly seducing and enticing… you have great talent. Best of luck!

Arka Movsessian
I am 18 years old. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia and I usually come down to Los Angeles every couple of years. I really enjoy listening to your albums as I have all of them. When I first heard your new album “Mystery”, some of the songs were very touching. The way you wrote the lyrics were very moving and with the song combined with it was really good. I enjoy listening to you guys and I hear your album everyday. Keep up the good work.

Lena Abrahamian
I like what you guys have done with the main page of your site! I listened to a few tracks and that Love song just stuck so I have to buy the CD so I can listen to it over and over again! Best of luck to your success! God bless!

I finished listening to the “Mystery” CD for the 3rd time.. Wow!!!.. That was really, really, really, really great. There wasn’t one song on there that I didn’t enjoy. This CD also seems to be more upbeat than the last ones. I especially loved “B 4 U feel that high”. Boys seriously did a great job on the whole CD… lyrics, music, CD cover, thank you’s :)

Your music soothes my soul, and brings passion into my body. It helps me stay alive and feeling.

Lena Abrahamian
Hey you guys keep up the great work! Can’t wait to purchase the new CD!

Impulse CD one of the best musics to relax too…. Very talented artists….. During the tragedies of 9/11/01, this album helped decrease my anxiety. Good job boys!!

Ofelia Babayan
Effusion’s music is nothing short of amazing… the melody, the rhythm, the passion…it only creates the beauty of what music should be.

I live in Portugal and its first time I am listening this music. I love it.

Just purchased “Impulse” by EFFUSION. Never heard of them before I found your web site. What a find, the album is top notch. Just ordered “Blue Illusions”, and I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed.

I’m from BRAZIL, some of the BEST music I have heard in ages!